About Martin Shanker

About Martin Shanker
Martin Shanker, founder and president of Shanker Inc., has years of experience helping global brands accelerate sales and profit by growing their companies from within. He has enjoyed multi-year relationships with premier global retailers and wholesalers including Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, and The Estee Lauder Companies.

Born into an apparel manufacturing family in New York City, Martin graduated with a business degree from the University of Miami before making the natural segue to join Macy’s East Executive Training Program. At Macy’s, Martin rapidly rose to Vice President for Accessories and Shoes, and later served as President of the Wholesale Handbag Division of Sarne Corporation.

Martin’s continuous study of on-the-job behavior among sales and management teams led to discoveries of why some people and organizations succeed and others do not. These crucial insights prompted him to found Shanker Inc. in 1992 with the mission of helping leading global brands grow from within. Martin noted early on that the most successful people have insight into themselves and also know how to duplicate their success. He discovered, too, that the best customer service is an outgrowth of how people treat each other inside the company. His behavioral approach enhances customer service by inspiring sales teams and leadership, and by understanding how adults learn.

Through close observation, Martin has isolated eight interconnected principles necessary for sales teams and managers to excel. This integrated approach has become Martin’s trademark and enabled him to help companies outperform their competition and exponentially improve volume and profit. Connecting the dots between what’s happening inside the company and how it performs led to The New York Times to acknowledge him as a “behaviorist”. They commended him for the work he does helping retail sales professionals narrow the gap between the way they treat customers and how customers want to be treated.

By addressing the tough issues that are faced by both sales and management teams, Shanker Inc. offers a finely tuned solution for companies to achieve success through the training and development of a unique human resource, their own people.

Maintaining long-term partnerships with his clients allows Martin to continually evolve new strategies to confront the ever-changing needs of regional and global organizations that aspire to become number one or to stay number one. Martin appreciates the opportunity to work with some of the best companies in the world, learning, and giving back, every day of his professional life. He considers himself a lifelong student. Tomorrow should be a discovery.