What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

“We Measure Our Success by the Success of Our Clients.”

1. You Come First

We start by understanding and respecting your unique strengths and challenges before submitting any recommendations. By tapping into what you are doing well, we build on strength and our recommendations are perceived by employees as evolutionary– not revolutionary change. This greatly increases the probability that solutions/initiatives will be accepted and implemented.

2. Our Focus is on Behavior Change

Our mission is to improve your business through your people. Your strategy to grow revenue and enhance employee behavior change forms the bedrock for success. All of our programs address the question, “What specific behavior changes in your sales and leadership teams are required to make your business more successful?” Taking a unique behavioral approach – our solutions become highly teachable, doable, measurable and even predictable across large populations, long distances and various countries.

3. Working from the Inside Out, We Deliver Sustainable Behavior Change

At Shanker Inc. we study how adults and organizations undergo continuous change. The insights derived from this study are embed in methods for creating sustainable change in your company. No matter how effective the training or trainer, no matter how embraced by employees and even championed within the organization – training on its own, is not likely to produce sustainable behavior change. New skills and behaviors need to be reinforced internally by senior leaders, managers and organizational systems/practices. We develop such systems/practices and teach leaders and managers how to coach and reinforce the specific behaviors that drive sustainable change from within.

4. We Turn Prospective Customers into Clients by Creating a Compelling Experience

Sales professionals today often unknowingly drive customers to purchase on-line or with the competition. To maximize the increasingly critical need for retailers to acquire new customers and to accelerate sales with existing clients requires sales professionals to interact with customers more authentically — rather than using clichés such as, “Can I help you?” or “Are you finding what you are looking for? or making merchandise presentations before understanding anything about the customers needs or dreams. Such tactics are often perceived by prospects as aggressive and inconsistent with how customers want to be helped. Shanker Inc. works with you to behaviorally design and measure an authentic customer experience that accelerates sales and distinguishes your brand in the marketplace.

5. Think @ Shanker Inc. ™

Our clients repeatedly tell us they value our original thinking and consulting perspective. Our insights and recommendations are often regarded as counter-intuitive and unconventional. Our solutions are embedded into our proprietary learning programs designed to improve your business through your people. We study and apply how sales teams improve sales, profit and how managers become better leaders. Our years of experience working with many premier retail and wholesale companies, has provided us with the unique perspective and capacity to help individuals and organizations achieve success beyond their expectations.

6. Employees Gain Insight Into Themselves

Successful sales professionals and managers have insights and know themselves in ways others do not. This insight provides employees and the company with the unique opportunity to duplicate their success rather then leaving it to chance. Shanker Inc. consulting and learning programs provide experiential learning that allows participants the opportunity to gain personal and professional insights that they might not otherwise have. During practice and coaching sessions — participants identify their unique strengths. They are also coached in challenging situations that create further learning opportunities that are game changers back on the job.

7. Mindful Communication ™

At the heart of successful relationships are strong communication and listening skills – hence, at the heart of all our consulting and learning programs, participants learn and apply the master skill of “Mindful Communication and Listening” that builds both trust and respect with internal and external customers. Mindful Communication™ is an answer to the miss-communication that derails the best of managers and sales professionals. Participants in our learning programs often acknowledge and appreciate the uniqueness of how much they benefit from applying their insights and new communication skills in their personal life as well as their career.

Participant response to learning and applying Mindful Communication skills:
My wheels were consistently turning at the training — how I can be a better communicator and manager. When I returned to my job I look at my relationships with my employees and customers with new insights and understanding. I also use these skills with my family and they really work. – Participant, Manager as Mentor & Coach training, 2012

8. Custom Solutions

We conduct no off the shelf training. Customization is a result of on-site research through observation and interviews to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique challenges, opportunities and your organization’s values and culture. Our instructional designers integrate the best practices of your most successful employees and also include your company terminology so your employees embrace the learning materials and are most likely to accept the new behaviors. Also, we refer to our method of transferring knowledge as “Consultative Training” because during these sessions we help participants They leave the training and coaching sessions with new solutions in addition to new skills.

9. Our Reach is Global

Companies doing business internationally recognize that delivering a consistent brand of customer service across global markets is critical to their success. They look for international partners that have the capability to design and deliver training and consulting services in various cultures. Shanker Inc. answers this call to action. SyNet, our global network of certified consultants and trainers are carefully screened for required core competencies. This network of consultants and trainers allows us to offer our proprietary programs in 12 languages and 30 countries around the globe. To ensure effective skill transfer, we use local consultants all of whom speak both the local language and English fluently.

10. How Our People Transfer Knowledge

Our people are an important element of our uniqueness. All are skillful in applying our behavioral-based adult learning techniques and in inspiring employees to upgrade their skills and behaviors. Each brings personal passion; commitment and experience to their project, allowing them to quickly establish trust and rapport. They create open and safe learning environments in which participants feel safe applying and experimenting with new skills. During experiential training/practice sessions their sharp feedback and insightful sharing allow for participants to quickly grasp new skills and behaviors. One of the most appreciated acknowledgements we receive are clients’ commenting that “Shanker Inc. consultants/trainers actually apply what they teach. It helps us learn.”

11. Results

Our results speak for themselves. Some examples of improvement in sales, profit and manager productivity:

  • Sales professionals who apply the Shanker Inc. Behavioral Based Selling System ™ often attain sales increases in their first year from 22-44%.
  • Sales teams achieve upwards of 7% increase in gross margin their first year by improving markdowns and negotiation.
  • Managers in our Manager as Mentor & Coach program rate themselves 92% more effective in holding sales professionals accountable to sales goals.

12. We Build Lasting Partnership

Clients often work with us continuously for years and for some, more than a decade. These long-lasting relationships allow us to provide clients with unique perspectives, learning programs and bring new business opportunities to grow their business though their people. We help clients drive their success by applying a holistic perspective that uncovers root causes, not simply by treating symptoms. While behavior change is our business, our ultimate success is based on helping our clients grow revenue and profits year-after-year.

13. Managing the New Workforce

We focus on the current challenges of how to effectively manage and inspire the new workforce. This workforce is comprised of Millennials who are motivated differently then previous generations. For the first time in history, the workplace is comprised of four generations. Having the skills to manage and mentor this diverse workforce is necessary to achieve employee productivity and job satisfaction.