Communicate Mindfully

“Often what is not said within organization harms a business most. A business can dramatically improve performance and job satisfaction by teaching managers to actively listen and conduct difficult conversations in ways that do not damage relationships.”

Communicate Mindfully:

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Mindful Communication™

Are your managers actively listening in ways that allow them to:

  • Solve problems and their root causes in ways that advance the business rather than simply addressing symptoms?
  • Hear the underlying meaning of what employees and customers are saying to help managers more effectively lead the business?
  • Understand and resolve conflict?
  • Plan and facilitate productive meetings?
  • Make better decisions by including the perspective of their entire team?
  • Build genuine and collaborative relationships

Seeking first to understand before being understood is at the heart of successfully getting both internal and external customers to buy into your ideas as well as purchase your products and services. This skill is core to supporting the mission and values of any organization. When effective listening is used it is transformational in developing authentic and healthy relationships. For this reason “mindful communication” is at the core of all Shanker Inc.’s learning and development programs and is continuously modeled by the firm’s consultants.

Services we provide:

Training and coaching in Mindful Communication™ including effective summarization, reflecting, use of body language, empathy and silence in order to:

  • Verify, clarify and demonstrate understanding
  • Encourage others to offer additional information they might otherwise not provide
  • Uncover and resolve unexpressed issues that would derail performance if not discussed
  • Build respect, trust and authentic relationships
  • Tap the best ideas when making decisions

If managers offer their perspective before listening they end up paying employees not to think. Only when a manager understands what an employee thinks, feels and believes is he or she in position to coach, motivate and elicit maximum performance.

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