Customer Experience

Enhance Customer Experience:

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Enhance Customer Experience

Do you have your own brand of customer service that clearly distinguishes you from the competition, or are you a “melting pot” of strategies brought to your company by sales professionals who worked for other companies?

Shanker Inc. works with clients to identify the select behaviors that:

  • Clearly distinguishes your company’s customer experience from your competition
  • Customers respond positively to sales professionals, rather then avoid them
  • Overcome the challenge of building rapport with the luxury customer who is skeptical of sales professionals.
  • Acquire an abundance of new customers that exceed the rate of annual attrition
  • Capture customers’ mindshare so they return and purchase more frequently

Services we provide:

Research Competitive Analysis

  • How is your customer experience perceived vs. the competition?
Strategy Development

  • Design the competitive touchstones of your new customer experience
  • Strategy planning sessions
  • Strategy mapping


  • Consistently communicate your brand values through sales professionals
  • Customized Luxury Experience Training: First Solve, Then Sell®
  • Customer- Appreciated Clienteling™
  • Measurement tools for continuous insight