Inspire Leadership

“Today’s employees increasingly resist doing what’s asked of them unless mangers inspire and engage them so they actually want to do what’s asked of them.”

Leadership Team Alignment

How strategically aligned is your leadership team and how well is that alignment communicated to employees in the organization?

Shanker Inc. works with clients to ensure that the leadership of an organization has a unified vision and understanding of the company’s strategic direction and can communicate that direction with one voice to employees.

Services we provide:

  • Organizational alignment assessments
  • Facilitation of strategic and tactical off-site sessions
  • Initiative rationalization and prioritization

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Coaching Through Breakthrough Performance™

Are you able to offer managers the coaching they need to outperform the competition while accelerating their personal growth and development?

Shanker Inc. offers clients three levels of executive coaching for breakthrough performance: skills “business process” mindset.

Services we provide:

  • Integrated Performance Planning (coordinated with executive, manager, and coach)
  • Self and Associate Assessment Instruments (structured interviews, 360°, or Harrison Inner View)
  • Developmental Action Planning
  • Executive coaching on skills, business process and mindset to ensure lasting change
  • Measurement of performance results

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