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What Luxury Retailers Need to Know to Stay Relevant in 2022

Customers are changing faster than retailers are adapting. More than ever, brands are competing for the same client. One thing is crystal clear: establish a…

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Relationships Are The New Currency in Luxury Retail

If Clienteling is critically important to the success of a luxury brand and to the success of the sales professional—then why have sales professionals been…

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Shortening the recovery time for luxury retail: Re-boarding the workforce

Luxury retailers that not only prepare for the safety of the workplace, but also prepare and upskill the workforce, will emerge with a team of…

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How to Stop the Churn of Chinese Retail Sales Staff

Ask employers in China if sales associate turnover negatively affects their business, and 88.6 percent say yes. Ask luxury retailers, and the number climbs toward…

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How to Turn Luxury Sales Associates Into Influencers

Know how it feels to have been somebody’s #1 and find yourself sliding out of sight, out of mind? If not, just ask a luxury…

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Brighten Your Holidays With the Best Gift of All – Add-On Sales!

If you’re a retailer, nothing brings more holiday cheer than the add-on sale. Everybody wins! Ancillary sales at retail are “plus business”, an avenue for…

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Clienteling: RELATIONSHIPS are bigger than big data. What You Can Do That Technology Can’t

Does magical thinking have you chasing shiny objects? So many of us have come to believe in technology as THE edge, THE solution, THE holy…

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Will Retailers Finally Catch Up to Customers?

In my work with retailers, I’ve seen a radical shift in the power dynamic between customer and sales associate over the last decade. In short,…

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