How is Today’s Luxury Customer Changing?

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In today’s digital era, the self-informed client has become self-directed.

As a result, sales advisors now rank #3 in influencer status after #1 friends and #2 social media.

Close the relationship gap between clients and sales advisors or risk becoming irrelevant and lose revenue.

What Distinguishes Our Relationship FIRST® Method

  • Focus on Behavior

Predict success, don’t leave it to chance.
We identify the proven behaviors that drive today’s success. Our behavioral-based training programs offer measurable, actionable, coachable and scalable results for luxury brands. Our behavioral approach ensures employee accountability.

  • Neurosciences

Breakthroughs in the realm of neuroscience give us ever-expanding insight into what makes client relationships tick. One thing is clear, we can no longer rely on old strategies if we are to be successful in this new frontier. Our programs incorporate the latest findings to ensure the most up-to-date interpersonal skills.

  • Emotional Intelligence

The skills to inspire emotional connections and relationships are the key to success in today’s luxury retail. From the teams we lead, to the clients we serve, the quality of our connections is the new currency. Our programs address both self-awareness and social awareness to ensure authentic relationships.

Sales teams transform on two levels:

Sales associates: We educate and train associates to deploy new strategies to connect and sell today’s high-net-worth client.

Managers: We train your managers in new skills that inspire today’s sales associates to be accountable and self-motivated.

Today’s self-informed client is self-directed and therefore associates must leverage their influence in new ways.
Self-focused associates Client focused associates
Associate educates the client Associate facilitates the client experience
Transactional culture Clienteling culture
Product focused Relationship focused

Partial List of Clients

Learning and Development Programs

All Bespoke Programs Available In-Person or Virtually


  • Accelerate Sales
  • Client Acquisition and Retention
  • Managing Client Relationships

Retail Management

  • Managing Today’s Evolving Workforce
  • Prepare High Potentials for Their Next Position
  • Hiring the Best


  • New Leaders
  • Managing Change and Transformation
  • Advanced Leadership Skills

Additional Bespoke Solutions

Executive Coaching and Sales Coaching
Job Benchmarking
Keynote Talks

Shanker Inc. Consulting: An added Value

Our international insight into today’s luxury retail sector allows us to provide unique solutions to:

  • Client journey and experience
  • Business development opportunities
  • Change management

Our Programs Generate Results


Sales Growth


Gross Margin Increase


Manager Improvement


Our clients say it best…

Global Reach

Shanker Inc. brings the highest international standards to sales teams and leadership

Our capabilities to deliver programs across
29 countries and in 11 languages through SyNet

THINK @ Shanker Inc.

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