Relationship FIRST®Solutions for Luxury Retail

Learning and Development

Training alone doesn’t work. A 360 relationship-focused approach that addresses the most impactful skills, utilizes adult learning principles, and incorporates the ongoing managerial support required for lasting improvement is at the heart of every Shanker Inc. success story. We work with your organization to identify the behaviors that drive performance and create learning experiences to challenge and engage employees for optimal knowledge transfer. Finally, we develop managers to scale and sustain results across the organization.

Virtual Learning

More than just a presentation over a video conference platform, our instructional designers have crafted virtual events that leverage the unique requirements of the medium. Highly interactive and dynamic, we tailor our content to maximize participation and collaboration – key factors to ensure the acquisition of new skills and behaviors.


Shanker Inc. is a provider of leading industry assessments such as 360 feedback reports, training needs assessments, Harrison Assessments, Hogan Assessments, Interaction Style profiles, EQ-i, DiSC and more. Our consultants work with you to provide objective, data-driven insight to identify skills gaps and create targeted performance improvement solutions. You will have the tools, reports, and analysis you need to foster productive relationships between teams and with clients.

Executive Coaching and Sales Coaching

Our personally tailored executive coaching unlocks leadership potential. We help leaders clarify goals, identify strengths and establish personal accountability for behavior change that truly impacts the bottom-line.

Our sales coaching inspires sales professionals to accept responsibility for their results, deepen their self-awareness and integrate the skills that accelerate sales.

Job Benchmarking

Great performance starts with great hires. Solve performance problems before they start, and save thousands of training dollars, by placing the right person in the right job from the start. Our job benchmarking process identifies the ideal characteristics required for a role and our candidate assessments can give you unprecedented insight to the perfect match for the job.

Keynote Talks

Over 25 years of thought leadership in the luxury retail sector has made Martin a sought-after voice in the industry. He has been invited by prestigious organizations such as Luxury Daily conferences, FIT and Parsons to share his insightful and inspiring expertise on leading edge topics from selling today’s luxury clients to leading luxury sales teams.  When brands are looking to provide events that drive transformation at scale, Martin creates a informative, captivating, and motivational experience for all. 

Shanker Inc. added-value: Consulting We Provide

We are experts in the behaviors that drive the luxury retail sector both within your brand and within the world of your customers. This deep insight and focus allows us to not only provide transformational learning programs but be true thought partners across various dimensions of your business. 

Client Experience

Craft unforgettable experiences to maximize results. Understand the unique customer journey from idea to purchase.

Business Development

Let us guide you through leading edge approaches that will influence new clients to connect with your brand. 

Change Management

Transform your people from naysayers to advocates who will embrace the change that keeps your business relevant.